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Platform for Social Housing – A Czech non-profit organisation that offers permanent and affordable housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. It subsequently provides a network of support for people in need so they can keep their housing and avoid returning to homelessness. We were cooperating with the client on creating the projects visual identity, website and related materials. [3]
Youth – Type specimen designed for an upcoming font release by Jan Novák called Youth. The works inside the booklet are a result of a workshop held at the kindergarten attended by my son. Parallel Practice studio created a simple toolkit consisting of the glyphs of the Youth Bold set in upper case cut into the adhesive foil. Children were invited to choose letters and symbols and put together their own message. No rules. [8]
Karlin Studios – Logotype and graphic identity for the contemporary art institution consisting of the gallery space and artist studios. [2]
Ankali – Monthly programme poster for the electronic music club in Prague. September 2018. [2]
Poster Tribune – Cover design for the #10 publication of Poster Tribune. Publication dedicated to promoting contemporary graphic design, published on the occasion of the Weltformat festival in Luzern in 2018. The issue features an interview with the Parallel Practice studio and a full-size reprint of a poster from the Futura series. [2]
Prague Music Performance – Graphic identity for the Institute & Festival of contemporary classical and experimental music. The project combines a festival with an educational institution and features renowned artists of classical and experimental music. [4]
Anna – The book Anna Daučíková: Anna is an attempt to summarise the topics in the work of the first Czechoslovak feminist as well as queer female artist. The reversed emigration and stay in 1980s Russia, the determination by the non—normative sexuality to the position of “the other”, the desire concerning the visualisation of sensual experience and the connection between past and present all intersect in the topic of the political body. [5]
One of a Kind – Visual identity for the creative agency OAK. [2]
Whybe – Medicine #15 poster. [2]
SHRQ – Graphic identity for the SHRQ Symposium on Middle Eastern culture. [3]
Adobe Think Tank – Visual idenity for the first Adobe Think Tank focused on IoT. Produced with Martin Groch for Hort, DE. [6]
Lito+CNC – Tool research, classic lithography drawings executed by the CNC machine. [3]
Second Nature – The book Second Nature engages with the phenomenon of a ”politicised” nature. It addresses the polarity of the forest designed and planted by man as a monument, and the borders between the earthy and the human. The book was designed in collaboration with Pavel Sterec and Jan Horčík. It was published by UMPRUM and awarded The Most Beautiful Czech Book award in 2014. [5]
Avast – Avast 3D illustration style developed for an internet security product line of Avast. 2018 [8]
Possibility of Preserving – Exhibition by artist collective Apart at Kunsthalle Bratislava. Graphic identity and spatial intervention. [2]
Prague Spring – Campaign visuals for the international festival of classical music. [2]
S Com – 2016-2018 Corporate identity for company S Com specialising in building telecommunication, information and safety systems. [3]
Euro – Business magazine design overhaul. Graphic identity and editorial design for the weekly business magazine. In collaboration with studio Mütanta (Richard Wilde + Jaromir Skacel). [8]
Slavia FCA – Complex redesign of a football club brand identity. Founded in 1892, Slavia is the oldest football club in the Czech Republic. They play in the highest competition, the Czech First League. The Prague derby with Sparta Prague is an important rivalry in Czech football. [10]
Nov7 zl9nsk7 salon 8 – Visual identity, catalog and promotional materials for the New Zlin Salon, a triennale of contemporary art. The exhibition representing the work of more than 90 Czech and Slovak artists focused on the crisis of contemporary image. [6]
Tanec Praha – Visual identity and campaign for the 30th anniversary of Tanec Praha, a festival of contemporary dance. Following the direction we have set in the previous year we based the festival identity on the digital images of selected performers. [7]

Michal Landa is a designer with a specialisation in building brand identities. His practice is based on conceptual, typographic and engineering research.

After graduation from the studio of Graphic Design and New Media at UMPRUM, Michal was awarded the TonLab design residency and co-fouded the graphic design studio Parallel Practice. The studio focused on cultural projects, mainly on creating a visual identity for the Centre for Contemporary Art Futura. The project spanned over 6 years (2013–2019), involved more than 60 exhibitions and represented the gallery during an unprecedented stretch of activity under the direction of curator Michal Novotný.

The work of Parallel Practice has been exhibited internationally at The Biennale of Graphic Design in Chaumont (2019), Weltformat Graphic Design Festival in Lucern (2018), Graphic Design Festival Scotland (2017) and the Int’l Biennale of Graphic Design in Brno (2014, 2016). The studio’s project of Alphabet of Futura is presented as part of the public collections of UPM – Museum of Applied Arts, Prague. Parallel Practice was awarded The Most Beautiful Czech Book in 2014 and an award at 26th International Biennale of Graphic Design in Brno (2016).

In 2020 Michal Landa co-founded Adjacent Possible. A group research project and design practice focused on typography for the virtual space. The output is currently in the works and will be presented here in the future.


Adjacent Possible


Jan Brož, Jakub Samek, Richard Wilde & Jaromír Skácel (Mutanta), Jan Horčík & Filip Matejíček (Heavyweight), Robert Jansa & Petr Bosák (20YY Designer), Jan Matoušek (Magio), Jan Novák (, Filip Kraus, Martin Groch, Anežka Minaříková, Michal Novotný, Jiří Maha, Vendula Knopová, Dan Vojtíšek

Commercial clients:

Adobe (US), Avast (CZ), Droga 5 (UK), Wieden+Kennedy (UK), Mother (UK), Euro (CZ), Seat (ES), Skoda (CZ), Umprum (CZ), Leagas Delaney (CZ), Wired (US)


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